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Using HDPI themes on MDPI
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:53:50 AM »
This is a little guide of how to apply HDPI themes on your Android Device, requires root and its only tested on CM7 and CM9.

Im not responsible of nothing that happens to your device. Backup first.

So lets start:

1. Install .
2. Download the HDPI theme and install it DON'T APPLY IT.

3. Open the app and change the density from 160 to 140 and click "Save & Reboot"

It'll ask for root and click allow.

4. After reboot, go to your theme chooser and apply the HDPI theme.
Ignore the message.

5. Go to the app again and change density from 140 to 160.

6. Click "Save & Reboot".

7. Wait for end the reboot.

8. Wait

9. Wait

10. Gotcha! Now the HDPI theme is applied on your MDPI Device!


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