Author Topic: [HELP!]Volt Screw up  (Read 2909 times)


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[HELP!]Volt Screw up
« on: October 08, 2015, 07:36:53 PM »
I recently flashed a zip file that was meant for the Evo 3D, a music mod of Walkman that I had thrown together, and now my phone won't boot. I'm going to look for the file as I may still have it left up on dropbox. It was an aroma installer, and I dont think I changed the updater-script to reflect the mounts changes. I feel like an idiot. Leslie Ann can you please save my butt and post a flashable stock rom. I still have twrp recovery, and have tried deleting the files that were in aroma installer. But it still won't boot or build dalvik-cache.
Or will someone please post a link to the original stock rom? Or any help to remedy my problem will be greatly appreciated

edit- I was able to find files added by flashing the orig. Walkman zip and deleted most of them. At boot, LG screen, it now says Security Error and boot loops. These are what I believe messed it up- /system/framework/b1.jar,, If someone, anyone could put up these stock .jars and their odexes I believe it will fix the problem. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Edit- this did it-
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