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Quite good so far...
« on: January 26, 2016, 01:31:58 PM »
But not without a few issues.

In some forums (esp. Android Forums), I've noticed people having issues with upgrading to Marshmallow. One of the nags is that it's difficult to move more than a few apps to external SD while on MM. The other one is not having TWRP recovery available to fully back up the device. Most people that have rooted their G Stylos have stuck to 5.1.1, as MM is currently unrootable. If you're a MetroPCS user, you have the best version of this phone with the 16GB internal memory and 13 MP camera, plus TWRP support. (MM is also unrootable for that version AFAIK.)

Still, I'm happy with mine, despite these issues. The screen is very clear for me, so it's great for reading. I have no trouble reading newspaper sized fonts on it. AFAIK VM is the only provider so far that will let users add extra high speed data when needed. Had to do that after the VM servers randomly downloaded my G Stylo the MM update. I haven't installed the MM update... not sure if I will.

Also found some backup software for LG devices. Haven't tried it, but one of the admins at Android Central said it can be useful for backing up. Will give it a try, at least it's actually LG's so it should just work.