Author Topic: How To: Stock ICS on Evo V / Evo 3D With 3D  (Read 2537 times)


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How To: Stock ICS on Evo V / Evo 3D With 3D
« on: March 11, 2013, 07:57:03 AM »
Hello Everybody! I haven't seen this here on VMRoms, so here you go (If it is somewhere, link me please :) ):

How to get a near 100% Vanilla Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience on the Evo V!
Only better!

Much thanks to all the Developers involved! We are always in your debt.

This includes:
Lock screen
Messaging (SMS/MMS)
Status bar

Does Not Include:
Camera (because then you wouldn't have 3D, and I love 3D... You can get the stock camera if you want)
Pop up menu when long pressing text.
Power Options menu.

Anything else I'm forgetting? Sounds and Wallpapers I think are included, but I've never actually used stock ICS.... I will update these lists as people make suggestions.

First, you'll need to root and S-off (Note: I used Windows 7 64-bit and a paperclip with scotch tape around it, worked great!).

I'd also suggest installing a good ROM (like Midnight (Senseless) or Harmonia. Midnight is the best for this because you get a somewhat de-Sensed ROM with optimizations and OVERCLOCKING that works great)
And probably make your Evo V an Evo 3D like this:

Next follow this guild for most everything: (seems as though XDA or someone deleted the link... See next post)
Using the ICS settings seems to disable 4G, but I don't have 4G in my state, so I can't test it. But it is possible to have both settings.apks installed at the same time.
Also, using this phone.apk removes DM Command Service (##DIAG# or ##3424#) functionality, but I've been able to have both phones installed at the same time.

Lockscreen: Freeze/Block/Remove HTC Lock Screen ( And probably HTC Lockscreen Shortcut Provider. If you're on Stock or Harmonia, at some point you'll want to remove most of the HTC apks. If you start with Midnight (Sensless) much of the work is already done. But the main thing is the HTC Lock Screen app. Remove that and reboot the phone. The stock lock screen is already installed.

Calculator can be found here:
Just install

Launcher: Download and install:

Also, add this HD YouTube app, you won't regret it. Makes 3D YouTube really, really nice:

Screenshots: (Note: The one with the Status Bar quick settings is overlayed on GoLauncher, not stock. In case anyone looks that closely, lol)
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Re: How To: Stock ICS on Evo V / Evo 3D With 3D
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2013, 08:18:56 AM »
Since my XDA link is gone, you'll have to pick the apps by hand from here and push them to the system/apps folder:

The link had several apps compiled into .zips that you could flash from recovery, but the link seems dead.

More screenshots:
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